Spectrum Project Space
Edith Cowan University
Western Australia

landslip is a geo-speculative exploration of being-between, positioning the movement of rock down an incline in relation to solid and fluid states, enframed by the complexities of more-than-human entanglements. Utilising archival materials, geological samples and experimental writing practices, we present this exhibition as conglomeration of artefact, text and video, alongside interventions into extant databases.

This exhibition is an attempt to read read rock fall as a manifestation of our locatedness within the geological record but also a recontextualisation of Galileo’s ‘and yet, it moves’ towards understandings of agentic matter. We position these physical events of lithic descent as traversals and refutations of terrestrial dialectics and fixedness, apprehending them to refigure notions of agency, vibrancy and slippage in human relationships with geologic matter and time.