I’ve been trying to reach you 

I've been trying to reach you is a consideration of communication and miscommunication; a plan that has been altered by difficulties in sharing space as of late. In lieu of face to face contact, we, like everyone else, have been communicating via other means. In attempting to push past the impersonality of the screen, we tried letters, we tried smoke signals but settled upon semaphore as a communicative act that embodied the sentiments we were trying to convey, embodied practice as it is.

We would like to extend our services to you; to send those messages that are difficult, significant or contain words of such weight that they necessitate extra hands. For the duration of 'I've been trying to reach you' at FELTspace, we invite you to send messages to us via this online portal. These messages will then be converted into a video of the message as semaphore, a form of visual communication characterised by the waving of coded flag signals. This video will be returned to you, or forwarded to a destination of your choice. It will also be uploaded to a Google Drive, where these videos (with all identifying information removed) will be screened at FELTspace for the duration of the exhibition.