Airspace Projects
Gadigal and Wangal land
May, 2023

Recognising a myriad of historical, contemporary and future problems of landscape and wilderness, this exhibition constructs a localised ecology within the exhibition space. Through installation and documentation, Landscaping enters into an entangled collaborative sphere, welcoming more-than-human counterparts. In doing so, questions of animal values and ethics (i.e. categories of the native, feral, introduced, pest and endemic) emerge alongside complications as they relate to landscapes across time.

With the assistance of Dexter and Diego, two Nigerian Dwarf goats courtesy of rescue organisation ‘Flocking Adorable’, Landscaping acts as a window into the complexity of contemporary landscapes in light of ongoing colonisation and continued climate crisis.. The installation, the documentation of fleeting ecological encounter, encourages attentiveness to ideas of rejuvenation, land use, and complex dichotomies of the ‘natural’ and the ‘introduced’.